This Goodreads thing

Ever run into one of those sites that you browse around then develop an unhealthy obsession with it? You end up there every day, looking for new things, reading the latest updates, even getting mad when there’s no change in the 5 minutes since you last checked the site? That is Goodreads for me.

For those that don’t know, Goodreads is a site for people who like to read. It lets you keep track of all the books you’ve read, want to read or are currently reading. Then, you rate them and can even write a full review for others on the site or your friends. It becomes an addiction.

I spent a week listing every book I can remember reading over the past 10 years, giving each one a star rating. I know, it’s insane, but it was like I was on a mission. And even tough there was no real pay-off, it felt good to see my little digital bookshelf of triumphs.

To all the book-fiends out there, you can’t afford to not use this place. Holy crap, see how I pimp it? That doesn’t happen often.

And for those on facebook, there is an app you can add to your profile that connects to the site. Though it’s very wonky and doesn’t always work right. I therefore say use the site by itself, let the app pull from it.

And I have to admit, though I read a lot already, I’ve been driven to read even more b/c of the site. So conclusion? USE IT! And add me if you do. I can always use new recommendations.


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