Rocketting My Ass Off

So today was one of those now-rare events where I actually go out and do something interesting. That’s right, for all you dumbasses who didn’t pull anything from the title, I saw the Radio City Rockettes for the first time.

I have to say, seeing a bunch of flying legs was FAR more entertaining than you would think. I saw last year’s televised Christmas special and was pretty impressed. Many of those moments were included here,  only much improved on. For instance, behind the girls at all times is a massive LED screen that is so impossibly well synchronized, I figure there has to be some insane person with those eye-lid clamps watching at all times in order to keep the video running at the right moment. Seriously, it’s that well timed. When watching the televised special, I figured they were faking it a bit with the screen, but nope. All there.

Because it’s late, I’m not going to list all the details, I’ll just keep it simple.




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