Thoughts over $4 water

Ah, back again at Books A Million with a grande hot milk and espresso. Why am I so dependant on this stuff again?

And it seems the topic I had picked out for this blogging session has abruptly left me. Funny, that. Speaking of, I totally channeled Becky Bloomwood in the last post, didn’t I? That was good for a howt.

I must remember to ready some content for whenever my site actually goes online. Which could be anytime between January and… next January. Oh well, as long as I claim my little .com I still think it’ll be a win for me. Maybe some bastard with the same idea will come along and offer to take it off my hands. With a sizeable cut, of course. 30% of all merchandise sales. Agreeable?

So, gifts. I think I’m going to skip some unnecessaries at least until January. There’s this wonderful place called and they’ll handle all the trouble of sending crap for me. Lovely. Of course, I have to get Jason something. a blu-ray perhaps? Bah. I really should do better when buying for a boyfriend. Have I really gotten so lazy?

Oh yes, I just remembered a topic I want to write about. Green bags. Functional and an affordable passion. Sound good? I’ll have to load it with pictures of my lovely bags. I just wish I actually had the opportunity to use them on occasion. But I’ll cover all that in the actual post.

Hm… I wonder how I could really get people reading this. I don’t think I’d want too many people I actually know perusing my writing, but I guess that inevitable. We’ll  work on it and see.

Not 10 minutes and I need another beverage. Damned!


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