Xmas gift to myself

Ok, so yes, I really should be buying gifts for the few people left on my list, but I have time for that, right? Except I still don’t have my car back… and whenever I do have my mom’s car it’s really only to get to work and back. Dammit. Moving on.

So after a year of  having this idea floating around in my head, I’m finally going to purchase a domain and some server space. Though to be honest, I have no idea how to make a website, nor do I have the patience to really run one. But by God, I’m going to do this if it kills me.

You see, I have this nifty idea for a site. One which I’m surprised no one else has done yet, so I’m going to stop putting it off. As for what the focus of this site is; well, that will have to remain a mystery for now. I don’t want anyone stealing this grand idea. No, I MUST purchase that domain tomorrow. I just need to throw some cash in my bank account in order to do it.

And yes, I’m well aware that over the past month I’ve bought myself 3 new books, a $30 bag of Bath and Body Works products (It was worth over $100….SHUT UP), a coffee mug from the Radio City Rockettes show, and a bath robe made of the softest fabric known to man. But this is a really good investment! I could be sitting on the next big thing. LOL Cats? pssssht!

My apologies. I had a rogue eyelash that needed tending to.

So, yes, this is going to be worth the money. I swear it will. All I need is someone with this intertube know-how and all that technical jazz and I’m in business. We’ll sell t-shirts! What else is Cafe Press good for, really? You think people actually buy $1.50 Fruit of the Loom clothing with a $2 iron on transfer for $15 strictly for fashion? Huzzah! I’m creating a meme goldmine, I tell you!

…now what’s a subdomain again?


1 thought on “Xmas gift to myself

  1. I’d say use wikipedia when you don’t know what a word is, and get one of those “teach youself (whatever) in 24 hours” books. Thats how I got started, anyway. You could figure out HTML in a few hours at the very least, and its all gravy from there.

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