Green Bags: a Cheap Addiction to Form and Function pt.1

It started out with a trip to New York in 2006. We decided to see a few Broadway shows, of course, and it just so happened that Disney had opened the stage version of Tarzan only a month prior. Naturally, we went (and got great seats I might add. Though that was due more to the fact that the show was a commercial flop). During intermission, I ran downstairs to peruse the over-priced, cheaply produced trinkets and collectibles. I decided to purchase the beautiful production/photo book and, to my surprise, it was handed to me inside a beautiful green (literally) bag with the Tarzan logo printed on the side. This was the beginning of an addiction, a dire need to have as many as I could get my hands on: green bags.

For anyone who doesn’t know, green bags are those things you see hanging next to the register at your local grocery or mega store. Normally bright colored with big logos on the side telling everyone exactly where you shop. What makes these gaudy things so appealing and wonderful?

1) They are made of recycled materials, so you can use them over and over again anywhere you shop.

2) They rarely cost more than $2

3) You can get some really fucking awesome ones.

So this will be the first in a series that will showcase green bags. Hopefully, and this is if these reach anyone other than myself, I can show people that there are nicer bags out there than that big blue Walmart monstrosity. And to start I’m including a photo of the bag that started it all. Tarzan.

It looks nicer in person, I swear.


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