Escaping the Christmas spirit

Thank God. Breathing time at last. For the past few days I’ve been running my fat ass off at the Bath and Body while still feeling live I’ve gotten nothing accomplished. I finally got a day off, which I guess when you put a spin on it, I’m lucky to be working as much as I have been what with being a new hire and all. But they seem to like me well enough. Maybe because I’m a haul-ass kinda guy when it comes to working in retail.

But today is my relaxation time. Or at least, it was supposed to be. As it turned out, tonight is also the night when my parents host a yearly Christmas party at our house. What does that mean? My mother running around the house, cursing the fact that she didn’t take the time to decorate the house sooner in exchange for hosting weekend Alabama football parties. All the while I get the privilege of being requisitioned to do odd bits of housework. Fuck. I’m supposed to be actually doing my own shit today. Like getting further along in Confessions of a Shopaholic (hilarious btw) or attempting to finish writing that chapter of my book (which was the whole point of getting this netbook in the first place). Actually, I really should be working on getting content up on Nothing is going on over there at the moment, and it needs a lot of work. The only problem is, I either need people to take pictures of me committing plushie death, or me take pictures of them. I’m desperate for either at the moment. Hopefully that’ll change tomorrow afternoon. I have a plan to take some hilarious shots of Ashley while she’s back in town. Then Moraya will be here in 3 days. I’ll force her to participate, even though she’ll bitch about it.

Dammit, I wish I could hear the TV here right now. I want to know what this “Illegal alien bailout” bs is. Better not be using any of MY money, Bush. I hate you enough as it is. Then again, I doubt he has his grubby little monkey hands in any government action at this point. Fucker.

And where the hell is Drew? Isn’t he supposed to be the Strip Teas’s permanent resident? Bah! I need more friends. Damn everyone for moving out of state/country. And damn Jace for forcing me to move BACK.

Oh! Being a History Channel whore, I happened to watch 2 specials on ancient biblical times last night. They did a bit of research into Adam and Eve. Interesting stuff, and coming from someone who abhors the concept of religion in general, that’s saying something. Plus, the guy playing Adam was fucking HOT. I mean, damn. Good job, possibly non-existent deity. Or whoever was in charge of casting for History Channel. I commend you both.

Ok, enough of this foolish chatter. Time to write something substantial.


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