Mury Crimus

Hello, world. Did you have a lovely saturnalia? I certainly did. Even knowing 3 of the gifts I was receiving (netbook, a webkinz and a gift card) I greatly enjoyed the little surprises of the day. I was lucky enough to also get a beautifully soft Nightmare Before Christmas blanket, a tin Speed Racer lunch box and grandmother gave everyone an off-shoot of those Snuggie blankets. You know, the ones with the sleeves? As much as I’ve made fun of them, I have to say, those little bastards are painfully soft and sexy comfy. I take back everything I’ve said about them.

In other happy news, Moraya came home from Japan for a short visit. I drove up to the airport to pick her up. What a lovely pagan holiday this became. Now if I could just stop shoving chocolate pretzels down my gullet, I think everything would be just dandy. Goodnight!



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