Added a new photo to Plushie Death. Pretty funny one at that. I really need to get the word spread. I can only do so many photos of my own. Hm…. must find forums with shameless self-promotion boards.

I’ve yet to be told in person about the engagement. Still odd.

At dinner last night, it was decided that for 1 full year, Moraya, Patty and Victoria have the ability to call “Spirit” on me. It only applies to certain situations. i.e. I say “I don’t want to watch Marley and Me. I don’t like dog movies.” They call “Spirit.” Me- “I’ll get the tickets.” And so on. This was decided the best way to make up for that cinematic miscarriage and my dragging them to it.

I have a desire to get out of the house and sit-

Phone call! Taking a shower and getting out of the house. Woosh!


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