Bread, Coffee, Internet

Well, what a lovely way to wake up this morning. I just happened to get a phone call from work, saying that the store wouldn’t be opening today and that I’d receive emergency pay for my lost hours today. I couldn’t get anymore details than that, but it was enough for me. Therefore, I’ve decided to spend the day around town.

At this moment, I’ve recovering from a wonderful spicy sandwich at Panera Bread with a too-small latte. Still, it’s something. And it’s definitely better than work.

On the subject of, I’m going to get some more pictures up today, but I really need people to start submitting their own plushie deaths. I guess I’m not pimping the site hard enough. No worry, I’ll simply try harder and in the meantime, take lots of photos myself or with friends. I think I know a few people who will be willing to participate.

And in the world of books:

I was up until 4 a.m. finishing Dewey. I cried the whole last half of the book. Damn, that was sad.

I did a bit (very small bit) of writing at the library yesterday. I had intended sitting at the Books A Million cafe, but it was packed and electrical outlets were scarce. I ended up spending about an hour at the library, which was equally busy. What’s up with people here? Out at book stores and libraries on a Sunday afternoon! That doesn’t sound like Alabama. Of course, I find out today that library attendance has shot up in the current economic crisis. Which is funny, because that’s something that was covered extensively in Dewey. Just proves that we are in a constant economic cycle, and right now we’re on the ass of one.

Hm… not sure if this tiny cup of coffee is going to sustain me for long. Might be hitting the Strip Teas later.


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