Cowboy Bebop….live action?

Ok, here’s one I’m scared shitless about. It seems Keanu Reeves is a big Cowboy Bebop fan. All fine and dandy so far, right? Well the downside is, he’s got the rights to produce a live action film…starring him. fuck.

According to an MTV Movies Blog Article from December, Reeves is looking to play the role of Spike Spiegel and is currently in development of a story.

Ya know, there are a lot of things I’d like to see as a feature film, and Bebop is definitely one of them. I’ve been a fan for many many years now. The problem with this is Keanu himself. Seriously, world, have we yet to figure out that the man CANNOT act? Furthermore, Keanu Reeves is the farthest thing from the character of Spike. He’s not cool and charismatic in any way. He’s just monotone and mediocre.

Let’s hope the film makes it off the ground, but without Keanu headlining.



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