Another Saturday at the Books A Mil. It’s been a semi-productive afternoon. I actually did a bit of writing, though it wasn’t very much to be quite honest. Still, it’s more than I’ve done over the past few days. I had a bit of a block at first, then it started to flow, though it didn’t last long. I’ll try again later to see what I come up with. I think my problem is that I’m just thinking about it too hard. I really should just let it all happen organically. When I wasn’t so determined to write something, the ideas came a bit more freely.

So, in other news, it seems the scourge of America has a new book in print. That’s right, Ann Coulter has banged out yet another $24 roll of toilet paper dripping with venomous ignorance. Ok, seriously, who is letting this bitch even touch a pen or computer? She’s been banned from nearly every news network in existence with the exception of the ultra conservative ones. I saw a news clip of her on The View being a unnecessary asshole. To the point where they called her on it. Jesus, I though Barbara Walters would have the sense not to have that whore on anymore. The verbal diarrhea that spews from this woman’s second asshole is astounding. Jews need to be perfected and 9/11 widows deserved it? Christ.

So here’s a challenge: someone just shoot this woman. The world has no need of her nor did it ever. I’d like you to enjoy this little news snippet that always makes me smile.


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