G2. One Step Above


Seems so sly bastard has leaked pictures of the supposed to G2 Android phone from HTC.

I have to say, this looks quite dandy. I always thought the G1 was a bit unsightly, yet not exactly awful. HTC has done much worse. This one is a big step in the right direction. The major drawback? No keyboard.

Yes, I know everyone seems to think touchscreens are the only way to go, but I call those people retarded. There’s no substitute for actual keys, no matter how responsive your screen is purported to be.

Other rumored features: 3.2MP camera and an overhauled interface. Not bad.

Just yesterday, as I was working the register, a girl walked up with her G1. I was surprised to see a non-geek with one and had to ask her how she felt about it. Absolutely loved it, apparently. Now if they would make one for AT&T…


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