Bad News Betty

So I’m sure everyone is wondering: How can ABC further fuck up their network? First, they killed off Pushing Daisies, then Eli Stone. What’s next on the block? That’s right, the award-winning fan favorite Ugly Betty.


The story (click the pic for original article) says that ABC has decided to bench Betty until an undetermined time, meaning it could be pushed back until sometime in June. So what the fuck is going on here? Was Betty not an immediate critical and ratings success as I was made to believe it was? I am beyond the definition of pissed on this subject and I’m losing all respect for the network I thought was going to finally lead us back to the land of GOOD television. So what does this mean? More re-hash shows with the hot working girl finding sex in her big-city job? Jesus H fishsticks.

You do this ABC, and I’m done with your network.


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