AT&T WiFi Hotspot = the suk and Windows 7 Goodness

Ok, so what did we learn today? Don’t come to Starbucks or any other cafe using AT&T’s Hotspot b/c it is a fucking rip. I’m sticking to Books A Million and Strip Teas from now on. But the only reason I came here was to meet some guy. No, not that kinda “meet.” I told him I was going to get coffee and he said he’d stop by. So I said “Ok.”

And just from speaking online with this dude, he equaling up to be the second Jeremy Culver. *shiver* Many know how that turned out. (bad)

In news that is actually interesting:

I FINALLY got Windows 7 installed on my netbook after 4 days of aggravating fuck-round-ary trying to make a fucking jump drive bootable. It wasn’t until the 20th try this afternoon that I figured out the problem and it all worked fine. Jesus. 15 different “guides” and not one of them could give a proper explanation of how to successfully do it. Fuckers. You gotta dumb this shit down for some people!

But after all the pissing work, I have to say I’m LOVIN’ the 7. This is just about everything Vista should have  been from the beginning. Everything is so smooth and seamless, even on an Atom processor. Something Vista could never have accomplished.

The improved Task Bar is the feature I’m loving the most right now. It’s similar to the Dock in OSX, but you can “pin” programs to it. So, lets say you use the hell outta some Skype. You can pin that to the bar so it will always be available without opening the start menu. What’s that I hear? “But, Josh, isn’t that the quicklaunch menu?” Well, you’re right and wrong there, son. The quicklaunch is gone completely. Instead, the icons act like the classic window bars we all know. Except now, all programs are behind a single window and a simple mouse-over of the icon will bring up a small preview of each open window. Mousing over those windows will smoothly bring that window to the front, and clicking it keeps it there.

I’m going to be gushing about more features as I find them, so keep reading, kids!


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