Preoccupied with 7

Well, look how long it’s been since the last post. I’ve really been that taken with Windows 7, haven’t I?

Even after a week of heavy use, I have to say I’m still loving just about everything about it. I’m actually struggling to think of any major gripes I have about it. I’m still surprised that it runs so well on an Atom processor.

The only difficulty I’ve run into is that there is no support for the volume control keys on the Asus. But this is a beta build and it can’t be expected to support every hardware, though it’s doing a good job with what it’s given.

The best feature is still the Taskbar. It’s so damn convenient and usable that it blows my mind. I can safely say I have no desire to use a Quicklaunch ever again. Even going back to XP (which I have to do for blogging and OpenOffice) is a bit of a disappointment. I would be completely content to live off 7 for the rest of my life if they could get all the hardware compatibility fixed, which I’m sure they will, but I think that’s also more to do with updates from Asus.

I am curious though; when the beta runs out in August, does that mean MS flips the kill-switch and all Windows 7s die? Hey, I never claimed to be technically minded.

I’ll close this with a screenshot of 7 running a lot of different processes at once. Enjoy!



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