Finally, CBS!

So I love the Hulu, as should everyone. Seriously, it’s free streaming tv! That’s fucking brilliant. As was the Superbowl ad featuring everyone’s favorite Baldwin. Unfortunately, CBS took the NBC stance, which is basically being a little whiny bitch about it’s content (refer to the iTunes incident of last year). NBC finally wised up and got with it, and now it’s CBS’s turn.

Instead of joining the superior ranks of Hulu, they have started their own streaming media site featuring…old shows.

Beauty and the Beast
Beverly Hills 90210
Family Ties
Have Gun – Will Travel
Hawaii Five-0
The Love Boat
Melrose Place
Perry Mason
Star Trek: The Original Series
The Twilight Zone
Twin Peaks

Ok, so yes, there are some classics there and anyone who knows me knows I have a serious addiction to 90210…seriously, I do. But what am I really excited about? TWIN FUCKING PEAKS BITCHES!!!!! Hot damn, I’m gonna watch the hell outta that. Though this would be equally as great on HULU.


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