Super Happy Fun Game Time

What news has made this day so enjoyable? Nintendo finally let loose on two things.

First: Start saving your pennies, lads. Because come April 5th you’ll need 17000 (plus tax) for the long-awaited DSi! What could be better than that?


Launching in blue, motherfuckers. BLUE.

Everyone who knows me also knows I have owned a technical total of 5 DSs. True, 2 of those are warranty replacements, but that’s still more than most sane people. My first was the Nintendogs Teal edition, followed by a white DSlite, which was replaced twice, before my current blue/black DSlite. That DSi is SO my shade of blue. Mine, bitches.

Second on the list: Ok, so the same people who know I have far too many DSs, also know I have an intense addiction to the real Pokemon games. I own Diamond and have currently logged a total of 188 hours of gameplay. Yes, you read that right. Holy shit, eh? So of course I was happy for the news on Pokemon Platinum. The release date has pretty much been known, but it’s the newly revealed features of the game that I’m excited about.


That’s right, as is common practice for Nintendo, there will be a 3rd release in the current generation of Pokemon games. And the features of Platinum are quite impressive.

Several legendaries will have new forms exclusive to this game, just like Deoxys in previous GBA versions. So if you snagged that exclusive Shaymin download at Toys R Us last week, you’re in luck. Giratina will be the legendary of focus in this game, which isn’t surprising at all, as it was the 3rd legendary dragon in the games that wasn’t featured on a game cover. So it was bound to happen.

Other features include improved wi-fi games, a tweaked GTS, wireless mini-games and new areas to explore that utilize the 3D capabilities of the DS.

What I really want to see is better use of the touchscreen. That was my only gripe with the DS Pokemans. For example: Why the fuck is the storage system still a pain in the ass? You’re honestly going to make me use the d-pad and limit how well I can rearrange my boxes? There is a perfectly good touchscreen right there! Let me point and click around. Make things easy, for fuck’s sake. What do we get to use the screen for? Completely useless options. C’mon, guys.

Ok, ranting aside, I’m still scrimping for both these guys because that’s the kind of douche I am.


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