Trash TV Catch Up

So I’ve put the books aside for a while to try and get through all the shows that are backed up up my DVR. I’m not through completely, but getting there. So here’s the skinny.

  • 90210: Ok, so anyone who knows me also knows that I am a HUGE 90210 fan. Original, that is. But that also meant that the new one was an automatic must for me. So far the show hasn’t used all of the teen soap cliches, but this shit is moving FAST. We’re, what, less than 20 episodes into the season? And already characters have reversed personalities more times than Daniel Day Lewis has over the course of his entire career. Annie has already gone from the sweet mid-western girl to the semi-mean girl. Adriana has gone from drug-addled slut to rehabilitated pregnant girl who’s almost absurdly sweet toward everyone. Silver went from the dark soul to love drunk crazy bitch. Yet the guys haven’t seemed to progress in either direction. So I have to know, where else can this show go? Already we’ve got multiple breakups, drug rehab, divorce, pregnancy, loss of virginity and everywhere in between. Maybe they’re completely banking on Donna Martin’s return. Let’s hope they don’t burn out too fast.
  • Gossip Girl: So, I didn’t get into this show until this season and only having seen a few from the previous, thanks to iTunes. But this show does a great job of keeping things interesting. The sex and back-stabbery is top notch. Trash in its finest form! A prominent character was killed off just a few episodes ago, leading to the revelation of secret child births and a weird mother-dating-daughter’s-boyfriend’s-father thing. And now there’s a massive conspiracy coming to light involving prominent public figures involved in a Eyes Wide Shut-esque sex cult. Shit’s getting good.
  • Privileged: This show is also in its first season on the CW and it is decidedly more wholesome than its fellow shows. Privileged centers around a 3 girls. Megan is hired to tutor two heiresses being raised by their almost never present grandmother. What makes this show so enjoyable is its honesty, I guess you could say. The show doesn’t take itself too seriously and even takes some friendly shots at CW programs. “That’s so lame, they did it on the first 90210.” The show is also really light on the sex, which is a far cry from its sister shows. I’m loving this one completely and hope to see it continue on for a few more seasons.

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