Post-Oscar Ramblings


So, did everyone play along online? I did. I’d say I got about 80%, mostly thanks to those damn shorts and foreign films that no one really has a chance to see before the awards. Though I did miss a few big ones. Yes, I did pick WALL-E for both sound categories because THE MOVIE WAS SOUND!!!!! I love The Dark Knight as much as anyone, but seriously? And I didn’t get to see Slumdog Millionaire, but I could tell just from clips that the sound was great, but still, WALL-E should have had that in the bag.

And there were a few I purposely didn’t choose the obvious on. Such as Lead Actor and Best Picture. Upon reflection, I should have seen Penn winning for Milk, but I really thought The Reader would come out over Slumdog. But let’s not forget, the Academy has a habit of not always choosing the films and people that are actually worthy of an award. It’s more a popularity/social thing for some categories. I know Penn was great, but I really feel like he won it simply for playing a gay character. It’s happened before, and you all know it (Scorsese’s direction for Departed).

And let’s not beat around the bush. Heath Ledger won because he’s dead. Don’t get me wrong before you tie the noose, I absolutely loved his Joker. It was masterful, but it’s quite clear the Academy gave it to him simply because this was the only chance to honor such a great actor.

Everything else I’m pretty good on. It’s nice to see that the Oscars haven’t yet (completely) gone the way of the Grammys, which I don’t even bother with anymore when it became painfully apparent in ‘06 that winning an award for music is based solely on sales and not talent. But the slope is slippery, AMPAS. Watch yourselves.


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