Semi-Improvements For DSi

So I admit, I fell for it. I thought the DS browser would be a great investment. It was something that should have been included on the DS to begin with. So I sank the $35 on the DS Opera Browser cartridge(s). Silly me, thinking it would actually be in any way usable! It was and still is absolute shit. Pages load with the speed of snot from a toddler’s nose. I buried it deep within my Badtz-Maru leather zipper pouch I use to store DS games. I imagine it died of malnourishment long ago.

Now along comes the DSi, the possible true Wii of the handheld world (though it can easily be argued that the DSlite is just that), and with it a downloadable Opera browser that runs straight off the system. FINALLY! But is it truly an improvement?


Well, it’s not a vast improvement in the area of speed, but as you can see, a great deal faster. Text loads before the pictures so you can read and move around the page while it toils over graphics. It’ll be more tempting to use the browser on the fly since it doesn’t require changing 2 cartridges. Seriously, I actually used my PSP instead of the DS for the rare occasion of mobile browsing. And I never use my PSP.

Still, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the DSi is as good as we want it to be.


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