Manhattan Trounces Around London

This comes from the great blog Gizmodo.

So if you were thinking up ways to promote one of the most anticipated films to come along in the past twenty years, what would you do? Me, I would leave bloodstained smiley face stickers and buttons all over major cities for anyone to grab. Then the film just starts to promote itself. But someone just completely blew all other promotional efforts that ever took place right out of the water. Literally.

Through some technological wizardry involving water being sprayed high into the sky, Dr. Manhattan himself was projected into the air above the London waterways.

This is absolutely astounding. I haven’t found too much information on how it was done, other than it used the world’s largest water projector. Click the pic for the original Gizmodo article. They have some vids up of The Comedian’s trademark button shining with justice near what I think is the London Eye.


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