Bad Assery For Your Kitchen

There seems to be a trend when it comes to gaymers like myself. We love to spend time in the kitchen. Most of the time it’s just shoving chips and jell-o snacks down our gullets, but often we’re there because we love to cook. Or we at least think we can.

And so from Urban Outfitters comes what every gaymer, gamer or gamegirl needs.


That’s right, you can wakka-wakka your way to fresh cookies right from your oven with the Pac-man oven mitt. This little guy is basically a silicone Pac-man and they even had the genius to use the classic game board as the internal grips.

So this totally appeals to both my gamer side and my homosexual innards both for it’s cuteness and because….well fuck, it’s an oven mitt. Must buy!


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