Picking Up

Q: When is a blog not a blog?

A: When the blogger stops blogging.

And why would the blogger give up? Generally for nothing interesting to say. I’ve actually been considering just why my goal with this thing is and quite honestly, I haven’t one. I’m not Julie Powell or Diablo Cody (thank god). But I would like there to be some kind of meaning to what I write here. Likelihood: zero. But I guess that shouldn’t be an deterrent.

So just what have I been keeping myself busy with? Writing, actually. I have taken on a new project altogether. An idea hit my while driving to work and I was in such desperation for a pen and paper that I ran into the store and started scribbling much to my coworkers’ confusion, though now some are anxious for me to get a rough draft to them. And for some reason this one is going further than anything else I’ve attempted in the past.

Unfortunately, I’ve hit a bit of a stump on just one sentence. Hell of a bump in the road, isn’t it? So I’ve decided to wait. Wait for that one line of dialogue to magically appear and allow the flood gates to open.

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