A Wreck

Yesterday was our taiko group’s end of year party. As such, I decided a cake would be in order. After successfully creating a tie-dyed cake spectacular a few years ago, I decided to try again. Only this time the cake would be blue and the frosting a dark crimson. My favorite color combination

Unfortunately it had other ideas.

The cake came out well enough, but instead of purchasing the frosting, I found a recipe to try. The damn thing was more of a glaze than a frosting. I eventually created a diabetic’s nightmare by thickening it up, yet after an additional CUP of confectioners sugar, it still had the consistency of hot syrup. Then, when adding a bit of almond extract, the bottle decided to explode into the bowl, overpowering the flavor to a choking extreme.

Not only that, but the color never would darken. So I ended up with this pink monstrosity.


Surprisingly enough, everyone at the party loved it. Go figure. I guess there are happy mistakes.

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