Get On With Getting On

Happy post-Thanksgiving, Ether! Was yours as mundane as mine? I assume it wouldn’t be.

This time every year, I see the same old commercials and television specials where someone stands up and talks about how happy they are to have their family with them or that everyone is alive and well and so-on. And aside from all that, I always struggling to think of something for which I am happy to have going for me.

This year has brought about a lot of misfortunes in every facet of life I can think of, from losing jobs, late bill payments, lack of money, ending of relationships, car troubles and on and on.

But this week has brought one thing that I can seek solace in. I’ve finished with the third revision of my book. And though it wasn’t nearly as lengthy or as massive an overhaul as the second, it still took a lot out of me. So for now my baby, Strideous, will be put to bed for as long as I can stand.

I’d much prefer this to be it. I’ve even submitted queries to more literary agents because I just don’t want to worry over whether it’s ready or not anymore. It’s ready enough. And I think that’s the best I can do without completely losing my mind.

So out into the void it goes to swirl around until someone takes pity on it and plucks it from the current.

Wish me luck!

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