Aspirations and Inspirations

As I said before, I recently completed what I’m determined to be the final draft of my pulpy little novel. And so far, I’ve managed to not even so much as look in the direction of the file. Thus giving me the freedom to start something new.

Ever since high school, I’ve had this idea for a superhero of sorts. From the moment he popped into my head I knew exactly what I wanted him to be and where I wanted his story to go. The only problem was that I never even started to write his story out.Now, 10 years after he popped up in my head, I’m making the effort. Or at least I hope to.

Ten years is certainly a long time to wait, but in that time parts of him and his world have become a little clearer to me. All that thinking has given way to just where he comes from, who his rivals are, what drives him, what his home-life is like, and so on.

The one thing about my hero that I always knew would be true is the fact that he is gay. It was going to be one of the whole driving factors behind him. But this sadly turned out to be more of a downfall than anything. I thought “There’s no place in the world for gay superheroes. Not for a very long time.”

But all of that changed recently when I read Perry Moore’s HERO (Original post here). I was so happy to see that someone could actually write and publish a book with the very subject matter that I also wanted to make. Yes, like all books, HERO has its flaws, but they’re not enough to ruin the story and I challenge you to find something else like this out there that DOESN’T include gratuitous sex scenes.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I sent an email to Mr. Moore through his website, telling him how much I enjoyed HERO and how much he had inspired me to return to my own story on a 10-year-simmer. Moore was gracious enough to take the time and email me back twice, for which I thank him immensely. I’m sure I sounded like a nutter in both of those emails, so it was very kind of him to respond.

So while I write my own story of homo heroics, I hope everyone out in the Void will pick up a copy of HERO. And, if you enjoy it as much as I, send Mr. Moore a nice email telling him so.

Until next time, see you, Space Cowboy.

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