Transfixed in this Absolute Bliss

Satan’s servants in Narnia, what a day!

OK, well it wasn’t that spectacular, but it had its moments. Such as:

Imogen Heap held a live webcast of her final concert on the current American tour. I’ve been horribly depressed about not being able to see her in Atlanta last month and this is the first tour I’ve missed in YEARS. So being able to see it, even through a broadcast, was very happy-making.

On top of that, I started the writing-proper on that project I mentioned. The one that was decaying for 10 years? Yep. And by some miracle of fate, I got 3,000+ words out of it. I probably would have worked a few hours more, but Imogen beckoned.

What surprises me about these initial pages is the humor that just came out of nowhere. I aimed for this to be a more serious story, but obviously my subconscious thinks otherwise. We’ll let things go the way they please for now.

Oh hell, Ether. Do you see the time? Of course you don’t. You have no concept of it. Well, it’s late and I must tend to my beauty rest. So for now, goodnight.

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