*sigh* I haven’t done much in the way of an update in a few days and getting lazy about blogging is just what kills a blog. Even if said blogger has nothing of importance to blog about. But we’ll try anyway.

Things are still quite stagnate in every way. I think there’s even a cup of water on the kitchen counter that has been there for a few days, so I’m using that in every sense of the word.

I have tried to do at least a little writing each day and I’m very pleased what little bit I’ve turned out. I feel like I have better foresight into just what I want to do with this story, though each and every step getting there isn’t really in plain view. Kind of like walking up the stairs when the only light is coming from the bathroom down the hall. You’ve been there. You know it.

What amazes me is just how upbeat I am about all the shittiness. I hope I can keep up that attitude when it gets even shitter. Because, let’s be honest, it always does.

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