Sucking the Fun

Lately I’ve been trying to finish a book I’ve had sitting on the shelf for a year at least. And having been a fan of both the films for many years, I was sure that I would enjoy it. Not so much.

Vampire Hunter D, Vol. 1


You see, the thing is that I just cannot get invested in this book no matter how hard I try. So whose fault is it? Hideyuki Kikuchi? Possibly. Yoshitaka Amano? Oh, heavens no. The translators at Digital Manga? Yeah, maybe.  Truthfully, I don’t know who to blame. Maybe myself, but there’s just something not clicking with this whole thing.

I’m currently halfway through, which was enough of a struggle, and when I look at all I have left all I feel is this overwhelming sense of dread. There are so many things that I just don’t dig here. The dialogue is completely out of place, the characters are more than a little ridiculous, the plot devices are just…retarded! Mr. Kikuchi seriously wants me to believe that for thousands of years, vampires have been remotely wiping our minds of their weakness to garlic? GAH!

The entirety of this thing plays out like a really bad anime, to be perfectly honest. Tall guys in dark cloaks who “kick ass,” women with big tits and whips, lusty vampires. Jesus, seriously? This is only slightly less irritating than reading Stephanie Meyer’s used maxi pads (see: Twilight).

I just don’t think a post-apocalyptic world with Vampire-controlled weather machines is for me.


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