Runaway Thoughts [Project Runway]

I just finished watching the second episode of Project Runway’s seventh season and I just wanted to voice some thoughts.

First off, I couldn’t be happier that they moved production back to NYC this season. As much as I enjoyed the sixth season (even with its blatant repeats of challenges) I just couldn’t really connect with the whole Los Angeles thing. After all, New York is the fashion capital of the US.


Now, for this particular episode, our wannabe designers are taken to a farm and told they have to create a look using burlap sacks and a few embellishments. Finally, another challenge worthy of Runway.

Last season’s challenges all felt really flat and uninspired and I like to think that this is a good sign of things to come for 7. It just baffles me how the producers seem to have run out of fuel for the show. We’ve seen several garbage challenges, 2 involving museums, and several “city inspired” ones. Here’s an idea, Lifetime, and you don’t have to pay me anything for the idea. A superhero challenge.

Simply partner with a company like DC or, better yet, Marvel and have the designers pick from a group of their most recognizable female heroes and design something like an evening gown fitting of their style. Hell, we already know Tim Gunn has appeared in Marvel’s Models INC series, so why the hell not? You’d not only have the fans talking but you’d get internets all abuzz just over this one challenge. And that’s the best publicity you can ask for. When we geeks latch onto something, we hold on pretty hard. And besides, isn’t Lifetime part of the Disney empire along with their recent acquisition of Marvel Comics? Hm…

storm22 And c’mon. Look at Storm there. I can easily think of no less than 10 dresses that would look spectacular on her.

So get with it, Project Runway. Do something completely new and out there this season. The burlap challenge was a great start and the dresses produced were fantastic. I was genuinely amazed at what the designers were able to pull off. There was so little true garbage that walked down that runway and that almost never happens on this show.

True, Ping’s dress flashed way too much ass, but she had a good thing going on that could have been great if she had spent more time thinking about the fit. But let’s be honest, she should have been kicked out for that without a second though.

Which brings me to another problem I’m seeing just over 2 episodes. The wrong designers are going home. Last season, I was almost completely in agreement with everyone who was kicked off when they were. I thought it was the first time in Runway history that they actually kept someone based on talent and ability and not simply because they were good TV (Santino from season 2 being the prime example here. He shouldn’t have lasted more than 5 episodes).

But now that trend is starting to rear its ugly head again. I’m sure most will agree that Ping’s dress wasn’t what it could have been in the end, but no way was it enough to qualify her to go through. In no way was it any better than Maya’s amalgamation of ratted lace and it definitely wasn’t better than Pamela’s, who was Auf’d in this challenge.

So, don’t do this again, Project Runway. Get rid of the ones who NEED to go. This is what made me give up the show for two seasons out of frustration. I want to love the show again and get the enjoyment out of it that I used to, but it looks like it can go either way at this point. I hope next week pulls it out of the bag.


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