Gundammit to Hell

So remember that stuff about sucking it up and painting those Gundam parts? Shit got fucked up.

You see, I tried to spray the blue parts first and found that the can didn’t want to cooperate. The spray wouldn’t stop and everything just got all kindsa fucked up. After an emergency call to my favorite hobby shop an hour away (Homewood Toy and Hobby), I was told to soak the parts in brake fluid.

CIMG0937 Though it was a pain in the ass to clean them completely, the trick worked wonderfully. But the result was that all painting attempts were thrown out the fucking window.

Today I finally got around to putting my beautiful baby together. I started at 10 this morning and finished just before 6pm, only getting up to eat and pee. I even took the time to (poorly) line the panels with the specialized pen I bought last year.

And I absolutely love the end result. I guess the next logical step is a Master Grade…anybody wanna loan me $200?


He ain’t perfect or incredibly stunning, as I am quite talentless when it comes to building models, but he’s definitely my ne favorite. Now if only he fit on my display shelf with the others…


3 thoughts on “Gundammit to Hell

  1. You should print out the frame and make some sketched panel lines. I hav an idea for a paint job. Why don’t you make a design with this blue and a darker blue. Makes some parts point too. This kit has plenty of potential, do you use pla plates?

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