Rescued from the Clutches of Evil

Okay, so not evil, but an overly playful cat with a mean killer instinct.

You see, tonight I was in the kitchen and my parents were in the living room watching TV when I hear my mother scream at something at the back door. I run to see my cat Bella (and NO, she is not named after a certain vampire-loving slut bitch) carrying a baby bunny in her mouth as if it were a kitten. How she snagged it in the pouring rain, I’ll never know.

Miraculously, it was still alive when I ran out and pulled it from her jaws before tossing her inside the house.

The poor thing was so terrified, it couldn’t even run. I had my dad bring me a cloth towel and wrapped it up so I could make sure it wasn’t bleeding or seriously injured. Somehow Bella had managed not to tear its fuzzy little hide.

I had my brother take some pictures of it before I sat it back outside with a few vegetables as my own way saying “Sorry about the stupid cat. At least you didn’t turn out like the field mouse.”


The pitiful thing sat on the porch for nearly an hour before it disappeared when we weren’t looking. I just hope it fared well out there in this nasty weather.

As for Bella, she won’t be going outside for the next few days, nor will she receive those damn treats she has an unnatural addiction to.



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