Musical Break [Simon Curtis]

simon curtis 

While scouring the webs, I came across an article about an emerging artist by the name of Simon Curtis that has been getting some attention from big names in the industry lately, but 90% of the general public have yet to discover as they are too busy sucking at the tit of Gaga.

I’ve just spent the last few minutes listening to Curtis’s album (which you can download for free at his website), 8-bit Heart. I’m fairly impressed, I must say.

Jump the break for further scrutiny.

Simon mixes the popular subgenre of 8-bit music with pumping dance beats that throw back to the boy band days of the 90s, but with a sharp edge. No sappy songs about perfect women from heaven here, though the album does contain songs of the heart. A robot heart, to be exact.

Though none of the songs really hooked me to the point where I imagine I’ll find myself hitting repeat on my iPod, everything here is quite good. The songs are consistently driving throughout with a short story at either end, presenting us with a bit of a music journey, along with a non-sequitur interlude in the middle.

The thing that really catches me about Curtis is his blending of geek and pop culture. There are references to C-3PO and Cylons (Fell In Love w/an Android), Nintendo (Joystick) as well as Kelly Clarkson (Diablo). There’s even a song with heavy themes of Illuminati conspiracy with a dig at camp Gaga (Brainwash), which I greatly enjoyed.

I really think Curtis is going to have a healthy musical career in the near future, as all those stupid-ass Little Monsters will be looking for the next persona they can latch onto the underbelly of.

If you’d like to download the album, click the pic at the top of the post or enjoy the video of my personal favorite, Fell In Love w/an Android.


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