The Importance of Cliffhangers [Being Erica]

being erica kai Sadly, it’s that time. That grueling period when one of your favorite shows finishes another season and leaves you with a multitude of questions and that feeling of emptiness that won’t go away for months.

Yes, Being Erica finished its second season on SoapNet here in America, long after it did in its homeland of Canada. And once again, it ended on a bit of an edge.

Spoilers Ahead

So I don’t really want to go off on an in depth review of the season, I just want to touch on the things I loved.

This season on Erica, they’ve done a fantastic job of mixing up the formula and keeping thing interesting.

We were introduced to the character of Kai, a fellow time-jumping therapy patient and we saw a lot of the new relationship between Erica and Ethan. We also got 2 fantastic looks into the past of Dr. Tom. His time travel episode was one of the best, in my opinion.

One of the things I really enjoyed this season was how much more we got to see of Erica’s personal relationships. We saw her struggle with Jenny (which I feel we weren’t able to get any real closure with because of the shortened season) and Judith and her baby issues.

But my favorite thing to see this season was just how things changed between her and Julianne. Not only that, but the emphasis that was put on Julianne’s character was great. We saw her go from the power-bitch to vulnerable woman to friend. I spent a lot of time hating Julianne last season and early in this one, but now I’m sold on the character. Sure, she’s abrasive, but that’s what makes her so interesting now.

The long story arch involving Kai was a great direction for the show to go in. It gave us so much insight into the workings of the Therapists, though it did leave me with a bit of time travel vertigo.

All-in-all, I’m happy with how things turned out in twelve episodes, though it would have been so great to get 22 or so.

So now we wait (for a long time if you’re watching in America) until we find out just what’s on the other side of that green door. Don’t make us wait too long, SoapNet!


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