Better Living Through Drinking [Alcove Tavern]

Last night, I had the pleasure of finally visiting one of the newest additions to the drinking scene in Tuscaloosa, Alcove International Tavern.

Impressions beyond.

Alcove is located on the corner of 22nd Ave and 8th St in downtown Tuscaloosa.  Upon entering (and as you can see from the photo above) you realize Alcove sets itself apart from every other bar in the city. For one, their interior is a smoke-free environment, so you don’t have to go home and toss your clothes directly in the wash to get the stink out.

“What’s this? You mean…the establishment is actually kept clean? Preposterous!” Yes, it’s true, don’t expect to walk across crushed cigarette butts and broken bottles in this place. They actually maintain it, which is far more than you can say for anywhere else in town. Even the mens room is immaculate. Yeah, it blew my mind too.

Alcove prides itself on its selection of beers, both import and domestic with a massive selection in specialty brews as well. Though I stuck to Jack (real gays drink the good shite. Martinis are for fags)*, I plan on sampling some of their options on my next visit.

*Alcove is NOT a gay bar. I’m simply stating a fact of life.

I found the environment extremely comfortable, with the music and television sets kept at a minimum noise level. We easily held a conversation without yelling or having to repeat ourselves. This is a much-needed respite for a town overflowing with bars catering to the douche bag crowd and trailer tramps.

For those who do enjoy a good puff of nicotine with their drinks, there are two options: The designated seating out front and the beautiful private porch out back. Though the back porch isn’t large, it’s extremely comfortable and inviting with it’s high fence, roofing and soft lighting.

As for the price, well it isn’t cheap, but they are generous with 2oz of liquor in every drink. I had 2 Jack and cokes and topped off with a Guinness (not on tap, by the way. I deduct points for that) and had a tab of $18 plus tip. Not expensive, but more than less savory establishments.

In short: I’m sold. Alcove will without a doubt be my new favorite place to catch a beer with friends. If you haven’t tried it yet, do!


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