Workout Update

Day: 6
Workout: 5
Weight: 230
Program: Debbie Siebers’ Slim in 6, Start It Up.

I finally got around to weighing myself properly this morning after forgetting for 4 days. I was a bit surprised because two days ago, I hopped on the scale and it said 232. Though it could be water weight or what-have-you, I do think there is some preliminary weight loss happening after the 5th workout.

I’ve been continuing with the Start It Up section of the DVD until I no longer find it a challenge.

The biggest problem I’ve had is with all the holding your arms out straight. The first days I used the video, I didn’t have a problem, but now my arms get exhausted after a few minutes. This means I really have to work on my stamina in my arms.

So far, I’m enjoying the workout. It’s perfect for starting out and at 24 minutes, so you’re done in no time.

I’ll continue with the program for the next 3 days and do another weigh-in near the end of the week.


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