Workout Update

Day: 14
Workout:  10
Weight: 230
Program: Debbie Siebers’ Slim in 6, Start It Up.

Well that’s crap. 14 days in and I’m still sitting at 230lbs. Ok, so I guess I have built up some muscle in the ass area already and my arms are stronger, but I would have liked for the needle to have dipped to 228. Still, it’s early in the routine and I shouldn’t expect drastic changes.

Now, I won’t be doing any workouts for the next 4 days, as I have to leave for Birmingham in the morning for a weekend of wedding work. We have 8, which will be a workout in itself. I plan to be very exhausted and sweaty from Thursday morning until Saturday night, so there will be some form of exercise involved.

Until then, keep swirlin’!


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