Book Review: In Mike We Trust by P.E. Ryan

I read this at the end of May, but completely forgot to post my review here. Again, this is taken from my review:

I decided to read this after I saw it was up for a Lambda Literary award for this past year (09). I have to say, it was just an alright book.

In Mike We Trust centers around Garth, a gay teen whose life hasn’t been the best since his father’s death a year ago, but things turn around when his father’s identical twin brother, Mike, pays an unexpected visit. Only it quickly becomes apparent that Mike isn’t the most honest person in the world and maybe he really doesn’t have his estranged family’s best interests at heart.

The story itself is fairly short, but entertaining and not overly saccharine like the works of David Levithan nor does it spill over with emotion and depth, which I would have liked a little more of.

While reading, I got the feeling like these characters were going through the motions, I guess you could say; like watching rehearsed scene after scene until we get to the credits or the bows once the lights go up. As cliché as it sounds, I’m a true Holden Caufield when it comes to books; give me honesty and genuineness or GTFO.

Another one of the problems I had with this book was that I never felt like I got any closure except on the subject of Mike, and that was limited at best. It felt more like I had reached a cul-de-sac, but instead of turning the car around we just sat there staring at an overgrown patch of  kudzu.

Still, the book is good for a day or two of reading, though I would recommend getting this from the library instead of paying 10 bucks for an ebook or more for the print edition. Just don’t expect a revelation of any kind; this is fluff and stuff.


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