A Stitching Bitch

2010-09-07 2010-09-07 001 001

Well, it’s been slow going these 3 weeks, what with spending every Thursday through Sunday in Birmingham doing work and having days where I just don’t want to pick up a needle (does that sound druggy?), but so far I’ve completed around 5 feet of the scarf. It’s nothing beautiful, but it does feel nice to be doing something productive. Though, shouldn’t I be spending that time writing?

F it.

Should I spend the next 3 to 4 days doing an entire block of color a day, then I’ll be finished by the weekend. Yays! The only problem is that the technique I’m using causes the sides to roll, which wasn’t stated on the website I found it on. Josh, you fool! Purling on the edges? It was so obvious! I brandish my fist angrily at the middle-aged woman who neglected that information.

In other news, tomorrow afternoon I’m leaving for Tullahoma, Tennessee to meet my friend Ashley where we will immediately gun it to Nashville for *duh duh-duh duuuuhhhh!* Jay Brannan in concert!

Jay Brannan 000202e6

Ain’t he adorable? Such a pretty voice and so very homosexual. If you’d like to see him in a very compromising position, I suggest you watch the movie Shortbus.


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