*sigh* Remember how I said that it was almost a sure thing that I would be done with my Knives Chau scarf by the weekend? That was like the cake.

A lie.

Okay, so I have a good excuse! I was in Tullahoma/Nashville for a night and a day then in Huntsville, Alabama for another day. So knitting took a backseat to hanging out with Ashley, listening to the witty, dulcet tones of Jay Brannan (I side-hugged him!) and 4-wheeling on Mark’s farm.

Read on for photos and more!

Ugh. Look at that second chin waving hello.

I spent the night and next morning hanging out with Ashley in Tullahoma, TN, which is only a few minutes’ drive from Lynchburg, home of the Jack Daniels distillery. Wow, how does anyone live there? That place is like a twisted version of Stars Hollow, but without the colorful cast of characters.

From there it was off to Huntsville for 4-wheeling, which no one seems to believe I would actually willingly do.

4wheeling josh

Suck on that, bitches! Okay, so even the small jumps made me think I was going to flip over, but I still had fun!

Now you see why the knitting got put to the wayside. But I have been hard at work on it every day since and it’s looking good.

Chau Down

So far it’s just slightly taller than me, putting it just over 6’. But remember how I was bitching about the sides curling? Well guess what…


They’re supposed to! How’s that for a happy accident? The only real difference between mine and the real one is the length of the color segments. But here’s another happy accident: I joined today and found a girl who made the same scarf, but she thought it would be a cute idea if there were 17 segments in all, equivalent to Knives’s age, and also that the scarf in the movie is roughly 10 feet long. Well, to make a 17 segmented, 10’ scarf, each segment would have to be 7 inches. Guess how long my segments are.

Yeah, bitches. 7-F’in-inches. 

So, instead of leaving off with 11 segments, I’m going the full Chau and doing 17. I would like to thank MissLucy for figuring all that out so that I might steal her awesome idea and knowledge. You rock!

*whew* I think that is quite enough for one evening, so until next time, see you cowboys.


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