Finish Him!

Well, ladies and gentlephants, yesterday I finished my recreation of Knives Chau’s scarf from the movie Scott Pilgrim vs The World, modeled here by Jessica and Kelsey.

Jess and Kelsey Chau Down

The only problem? It’s long. Like super longcat long, thanks to looser stitches as I went, adding an extra 1/2 inch to each segment. I have to wrap it 3 times around my neck just to keep it from dragging the ground, but at least it’s done.

Part of me is considering ripping off the last 2 segments, cutting off a good foot. But I guess we’ll wait and see. For now, I’m glad to be done with it and happy to start on other projects, such as Ashley’s scarf and an attempt at a cozy for those coffee cups you get at Starbucks.

2010-09-24 2010-09-24 001 001


2 thoughts on “Finish Him!

  1. Hola!
    I taught myself to knit only to be able to knit me a Knives Chau scarf! I’ve been crocheting for years now and always procrastinating on the two needle stuff. Now that I know, I cannot figure out which is the pattern for this scarf! it looks like ribbin, but my ribbin practice swatches don’t curl at the ends 😦
    Can you share your wisdom?

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