Best Little Coffee House in Tuscaloosa

In honor of National Coffee Day, I’m going to pimp out my new favorite spot in town.

chloe door
(photo from official Facebook page)

Chloe’s Cup is a new place in downtown Tuscaloosa, just down from the Mellow Mushroom and in the same row of buildings as Moe’s Bar-B-Que, that specializes in organic fair-trade coffee as well as delicious foods and snacks.

Jump the break for more.

After years of deterioration, downtown Tuscaloosa is finally getting some much needed revitalization what with the demolition of several blocks of ancient buildings and defunct businesses and construction of new federal buildings. And along with it comes some great new places as part of the urban facelift.

On one of my rare drives through downtown (I’ve taken to driving Jack Warner parkway by the river if ever I need to get to the university campus. Damned red lights) I looked over and happened to spot the international beacon for caffeine fiends; a steaming cup emblazoned on a window. I made a mental note to stop by sometime and for once remembered said mental note.

It may look like a hole in the wall, but Chloe’s is a beautiful slice of heaven in a spot where it’s needed most. Now I know some of you may be thinking, “But, Josh. What about Capture Cafe? Haven’t they been in downtown for years?” Why yes, as a matter of fact they have, but after several visits there a few years ago, I saw no reason to go back. There was nothing endearing about the place and it’s pseudo-hipster, cold aluminum environment with all the personality of “the hangout” on a bad Canadian adolescent TV show.

But now they’re gone (for some nefarious reasons, it seems) and Chloe’s has already captured my heart (ba-dum-choo) with it’s welcoming and cozy interior lined with art and knick-knackery for sale.

My first visit, I had my usual summer fare of iced coffee and made the bold decision to sample their homemade pita chips and hummus. Holy crap, was that good.

pita chips

What soon followed was a full-blown need to begin sampling something different on each visit. My second outing saw raspberry Italian soda (delicious). The third, key lime delight (oh my god. Where-is-my-momma-because-I-need-to-slap-her fantastic). Fourth, frozen white chocolate (I’m starin’ you down, diabetes, and I will kick your ass). And today, peanut butter pie (I must be dead).

Ok, so I’ve dessert overloaded on every visit, but it’s okay! To judge a coffee house you have to sample everything, right? RIGHT?

And because I have so enjoyed the dessert menu (still several left to try), I’ve made the executive decision to come for lunch in the very near future and get one of their daily soup specials. Can you hear my thighs expanding rapidly in preparation? Down, boys. Don’t get excited.

So if I haven’t sold you yet, you’re obviously not paying attention or you’re just too hung up on your precious Starbucks and their Wal-mart approach to coffee.

So get out from in front of your 90210s, your Daily Shows and your constant Crafting of War, and get down here. You’ll be so much happier you did.


2 thoughts on “Best Little Coffee House in Tuscaloosa

  1. Josh,

    What a cool write-up with great pics as well! Thank you so much for your business and enthusiasm for our place. Introduce yourself to me so I can thank you in person.

    With warmest regards,

    Gail, owner of Chloe’s Cup

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