Back in the Saddle…Temporarily

Good god, look at the date of that last post! It’s been ages since I’ve sat down and done some semi-thoughtful, pseudo-insightful writing. Why the delay? What else, but work.

In fact, Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve probably spent about 4 days in my own home, give or take. I love the money, but hate that I’m behind in everything from reading, to movies to my own writing. It’s unlikely for someone to make a career out of the thing they love but never have the time to do. Damn this newfangled concept of media debt!

So basically, the purpose of this update is just to, in some meager fashion, keep some breath in this blog. Though honestly, I’ve had to resuscitate it so often that it’s come back from the dead more times than Xena.

I hope soon to have a review up of my new netbook, the ASUS 1015PEM. Spoiler: not so glowing.

But that’s all in the (hopefully) near future.

Until then, travelers, keep surfing the void and I hope you find your way back often.


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