A Little Help [Video Game Marathon for Charity]

Hey, those of you who do lurk around here. I want to pimp out a quick charity event going on at the University of Alabama this weekend.

Starting Friday, November 5th at 6pm, a live-streaming video game marathon will be held to benefit Child’s Play, a charity that donates video games, movies and toys to children’s hospitals. Viewers are encouraged to “buy” penalties to apply to a team of their choosing. All the money from these purchased penalties will go straight to the charity. Plus, many of them are pretty hilarious. Wouldn’t you like to see someone try to completely A Link to the Past with their thumbs stuck in a Chinese finger trap?

PIXELthon, as it is called, is hosted by ABXY, UA’s gaming organization and presented by PixelCon, UA’s annual video games convention.

We’re trying to raise a lot of money for this organization, so your donation matters! Here are some links:

ONLINE STREAM: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/pixelthon
DONATE: http://pixelthon.chipin.com/childs-play

You can also search PIXELthon on Facebook for some more info.

Please, help the children!


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