Pre-Rumblings [Kami-Con Season 3]

Well, well, well. Here we are again. Nearly a year gone by and it’s already time for another Kami-Con.

Last year, I made a post following the weekend-long event, giving it an overall thumbs-up with minor complaints. However, the hosting organization felt otherwise and I got wind of a special meeting held just to whine about how insulted they were that someone criticized their precious convention. To them I say: Grow the fuck up. Instead of bitching about me (and others whom you received complaints from), work on improving your convention, like a REAL organization would, instead of hugging each other and crying about it.

I wholeheartedly stand by everything I said in that previous post and see that I was even greatly generous in giving praise, skipping over many of my major dissatisfactions. Don’t expect the same generosity this year, should I see a train wreck happen.

Oh, and by the way, while I am not affiliated with any UA organization (I’m not even a student anymore), there are whisperings of the maybe-not-so-kosher workings of Kami-Con. Illegal gambling, anyone?

Now, since that’s out of the way, I can proceed.

Because I was, in fact, impressed with the convention at large last year, I have taken the liberty of preregistering for Kami-Con Season 3, which takes place this weekend, Feb. 19-20, at the University of Alabama’s Ferguson Center. With my DSi in pocket and a fresh paycheck in the bank, I imagine it to be an eventful two days, though this year I pray that actual interesting panels will be held that might pique my interest. I can’t say that I’m too jazzed about the idea of sitting around, connecting Pokewalkers with strangers again. Though I am really excited about the special Pokemon Center room. I’m sure you’ll catch me in there.

Now, don’t worry. I’m going to remain as objective as possible when it comes time for me to write up my thoughts, I just don’t plan on sugar coating anything.

Until then, Space Cowboys!

(click here for more info on Kami-Con)


5 thoughts on “Pre-Rumblings [Kami-Con Season 3]

  1. As a staff member, I would like to clarify that we did not spend an entire meeting discussing such a thing. We merely were unhappy that someone we invited to show off their special talents had such things to say about us.

    Needless to say, we didn’t feel the need to invite that person again.

    • If, by that, you are referring to Nozomi Daiko, then it disturbs me that you would readily profess to barring a group from coming back to your event because one or more members openly voiced their complaints about the convention and its running instead of addressing the issues. This behavior appears petty and immature.

      Furthermore, my opinions are my own, they don’t reflect those of the group. A group, in fact, that I am no longer part of due to work conflicts. Although I can assure you no one will miss being asked to frantically help decorate or move chairs and curtains for you.

      At every turn, it seems more and more like Kami-Con is being run by a pack of adolescents without an ounce of professionalism. I hope, for the sake of future conventions, this behavior is corrected by any means necessary. If you cannot handle the honest and unabashed opinions of others, especially those who don’t wear the anime fanboy blinders that seem to shield others from reality, then get out of the event business now because you’ll never learn to improve yourselves.

    • I agree with hexijosh. If a group is going to put themselves out in the spotlight and plan an event, then they must be able to take the heat. ESPECIALLY criticism.

      Uninviting someone to participate in an event after being honest is censorship. It actually makes me less likely to attend things like Kami-Con because I know they will never improve based off the needs of their audience.

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