A Fallen Hero [R.I.P. Perry Moore]


Tonight, not ten minutes ago, I discovered distressing news about a man I looked up to in life. Perry Moore, author of Hero, a phenomenal book about a gay teen discovering he has supernatural abilities, and producer of the Narnia films, passed away yesterday of currently unknown causes.

Hero became something of an anthem for myself after reading it over a year ago. Ever since high school, I dreamed of writing stories about heroes who, like myself, didn’t fall into social norms. But I put those dreams away because I never believed the world would accept a superhero who was gay. Perry Moore broke those barriers in my eyes and gave me new hope that someday I would create a hero of the same caliber that people would find joy in reading about and could possibly inspire others.

Perry Moore was an inspiration to me in more ways than I can possibly express. I emailed him a few times, never expecting a response, but I received several, all of them encouraging and insightful. I appreciate those emails so much, now more than ever.

I truly believe the world will be a poorer place without him in it, telling more stories and giving hope to people younger than myself who struggle with identity every day. There won’t be another like him.

Goodbye, Perry. We love you and miss you.

perry moore

Link to NYT Article.


3 thoughts on “A Fallen Hero [R.I.P. Perry Moore]

  1. the same happened with me! when i finished his book hero i emailed him immediately! i expressed how it affected me we emailed back and forth a little and it all meant so much, i cant believe he’s gone..or atleast away for now..

    • Thank you for commenting. He was always so great about answering his fans. It was one of the great things about him. He really knew how to make us each feel special in that way.

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