Foot Freedom in Vibrams

Vibram KomodoSportYep. I did it. I caved. What you see is me in a spanking new pair of Vibram KomodoSports fresh from the shoe store. But how did this come about, you ask?

Well, you can blame Benjamin Grundy and Aaron Wright, hosts of the Mysterious Universe podcast. Sure, I knew of Vibram shoes and had seen a very small collection of people wearing them around, but it wasn’t until Aaron talked about how great he felt after exercising in a pair that I really began to consider the things.

After an evening of internet researching, I was sold. The moment I got back to town, I headed over Midtown Shopping center (which was fortunately mostly unscathed after the recent tornado that tore through Tuscaloosa) and walked out rocking these guys. I’m not jazzed about the gold-on-black styling, but it was all they had. And truth be told, I walked out with the KomodoSports only because they just happened to be out of the KSOs in my size.

But honestly? I’ve never felt something so comfortable on my feet that’s so minimal. That’s something coming from someone with a notorious foot phobia. I mean, I have at least kept socks on my feet at all times in the past 20 years. I wear swim shoes in the pool, for god’s sake!

It’s like a completely different way of walking. I’ve even got that pleasing muscle soreness in my calf muscles just from walking around in them. And those horrible pains I’ve been getting in my ankle and knee? Haven’t had them, even after spending 2 whole days at work with the Komodos on. I’m so okay with this new-agey minimalist footwear lifestyle, that I’m already planning on getting a pair of KSOs for more everyday use.

God help me and my wallet.


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