Nexus S 4G or Why You Just Can’t Trust Samsung

There I was, sitting at Best Buy, feeling giddy excitement as the clerk handed me my new Nexus S 4G. I skipped home and began the arduous task of moving all my data and apps to it (a long and painful process, as any smartphone owner can tell you).

Several hours later, with phone in hand, I set out into the world, whistling a jaunty tune, my new buddy by my side. By the next morning I’m cursing at its ineptitude and threatening harm unless something changes.

That was the last 27 days for me: a constant barrage of dropped wifi and never more than 2 bars of service when there was any at all.

You see, Samsung, having a penchant for cheaping out on their products in any way they can, saw fit to build Google’s “almighty” second flagship device with wifi and cell antennas which I can only assume were harvested from leftover Blackjacks rotting away in their warehouses.

Standing next to a wifi router may net you a full signal, until you step about five feet away, then it drops to half. And god forbid you should need to go into the next room. What’s worse is the fact that in the middle of any city you’d be lucky to get more than half a cell signal, that is when it isn’t screaming about jumping into roaming.

I wanted to love this phone. I really did. But the problems were so bad and no help was offered from Google, Sprint or (yeah right) Samsung that I had no choice but to take it back once the Evo 3D emerged from the vapor. Another phone with its own set of failings, but that’s another story.

In short, Android world, stay far far away and sit on whatever you’re using now until the Nexus 3, or Prime or WTF-ever comes along in the fall. This has been nothing but disappointment and heartache.


3 thoughts on “Nexus S 4G or Why You Just Can’t Trust Samsung

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