I just can’t seem to keep this thing up, huh? But I do have a semi-valid excuse: work has been INSANE. It seems everyone wanted to get married in July. Weird. That left me with little more free time than what I needed to shower and read a chapter in whatever book before bed for the past 3 months.

Although, what it has allowed me be is overly frivolous.

So, yes. I caved. I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 as a birthday present to myself. I’m a generous giver, I know. Too generous, maybe. Though I’ve never had any complaints (*wink-wink, nudge-nudge* Say no more).


But the point of the photo is to show this sickness that is geeky tech love. Currently in my bag you will find most, if not all, of the items picture above, depending on what my goal for the day is, of course.

The phone (HTC Evo 3D) never leaves my side, as smartphones have become a crutch for society. The netbook tags along if I think I might possibly maybe sorta want to do some writing wherever I end up. Though lately, this hasn’t really worked out.

The 3DS is usually tossed in the bag merely in hopes that I might pass another 3DS owner and exchange game data. That’s happened 5 times so far. Boo. The DSi is just there because original DS games look like turds on 3DS. But it’s rare I take the DSi anywhere.

Of course, I couldn’t go anywhere without my baby, the nook. I try to read as often as I can and that thing makes it so easy. Absolutely no buyers remorse here, folks. I highly recommend you get one for yourselves.

And now we add the Tab to the family. Yes, yes, I hear you. “Why,” you ask, “do you need a tablet when you have a perfectly good netbook?”

Well, thank you for your question. Allow me to elaborate: The netbook, as much as I love it and most all things made by ASUS, is crippled by the forced inclusion of Windows 7 STARTER. Yes, Starter Edition. The mentally disabled stepchild of the brilliant Windows 7 OS. It’s so awful and nearly unusable that I find myself feeling daunted by the thought of turning it on, even just for instant messaging.

It was for that reason that I started considering the tablet market since you can keep them on and in sleep mode at all times and still get days of use out of the battery. And so far, it’s worked out about as well as I had imagined. But I’ll be honest, I’m still trying to find one real, solid reason to keep it before my return period is up on Sunday.

Maybe someone out there in the void can back me up on this?




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