So Weird (For a Kid to Think About)

As a kid who always had an unnatural obsession with the paranormal and esoteric, I was instantly drawn to the short-lived Disney series So Weird.

Every week I would revel in Fi’s latest foray into the unknown, whether it be Will-o-the-Wisp, bigfoot or tracking down the spirit of her dead father. Add in post-rehab Mackenzie Phillips strumming an original pop/rock ballad on her guitar (She Sells, anyone?) and I was hooked.

OK, so there were one or two tiny little things that also kept me watching: Jack and Clu.

Alright, alright. I admit it! Erik von Detten clomping around the background in his signature dumb blonde surfer boy shtick totally gave me Jr. High wood. I mean, look at the kid. He was the epitome of the late 90s underage hot guy. The highlights with dark roots, the California attitude. I thought he was smokin’!

And while we’re being honest, yes, I may have had extreme sexual fantasies involving Clu as the willing submissive slave to Jack, the likes of which were horrifyingly inappropriate for a 14-year-old who still wasn’t totally clear on what it meant to be gay. Hell, I still didn’t know the mechanics of it yet. My guesses were pretty good.

Jack and Clu seemed like the perfect couple to me. Jack, the cynical non-believer, tagging along only to keep tabs on Fi and Clu, the fun-loving adventurist open to any possibility. Yes, open indeed.

Now I must leave these early thoughts of homoeroticism to my inner middle-schooler and return to the real world. Hm. I wonder what Phillip van Dyke is up to these days…

*google image search*

Oh…Nostalgia, how you taint the mind.


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